Faded Days

by Vocabulary

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Jessica i remember stumbling upon this album via Spotify years ago. it blew me away...and still does.

definitely one of my favorite albums of 2011. crazy to think I now have the mp3s. #blessed Favorite track: Postmarks.
Todd Molinari
Todd Molinari thumbnail
Todd Molinari great first run at it. The offkilter melodies and weird tempo make for an intriguing work. Favorite track: Gown.
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Recorded summer 2010 through January 2011 in my bedroom and garage

"Faded Days is the product of a young songwriter and sound architect that proves he holds a wellspring-- almost an entire world-- of ideas" - Martin Douglas - Pitchfork

"What’s remarkable about the record is how personal it is, and yet it’s so much more complex than it may seem at first listen... This is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year" - David D. Robbins Jr. - Their Bated Breath


released January 29, 2011

All songs written and performed by Cameron Allen.

Thank you to all my friends and everyone who listened for your support and encouragement. Thank you Savannah for your inspiration and birth to my boredom to even record this album. You'll always be home to me.



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Vocabulary Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Oskar
There are few of us in this world
We attach strings to the shore
Anchor ourselves to our past
We've seen better days

Speaking of words that we haven't heard
Diagnose eager appeal for the bliss,
that we settle in
we settle for less

There are few of us in this world
Speaking of things in which we hide ourselves
Between the cracks
I get a peek
I see the grass
It's at its peak
Oh grow...
Track Name: Rearrange Shelves
Check out the hotel
You're getting used to the smell
You're getting older
Learn to be bolder

Change myself
Rearrange the shelves

Figures of speech
The end's within reach, they say
So much to handle
You're gonna anger yourself

Change myself
Rearrange the shelves

Somewhere to go
Somewhere with snow
Basements, earthquakes,
statues, great lakes
Track Name: Spider Crawls
Check your pulse
Run into a ghost

Spider Crawls
Chills your skin
Help me pretend
Nothing exists

It crossed my thoughts
Must be from above
I want to run away
I want to grow someday
Track Name: Nowhere (Beth)
Tell me,
where are we going next
If you don't know
just take a guess

I have to know
I have to know

Take a guess
I don't what you're doing
Sometimes I wish i could rest, indefinitely.
But I know its not the best
Track Name: Gown
I led you down
I let you down

Shake off your gown
Run with me

Settle down young child
The sea is vast
The sea is oh so vast
Track Name: Children
Shock me. I want a story to tell
Children, they grow up in a shell

I've heard a story with no ending
Heart break, you haven't felt pain

Shock me, children, stories, pain

I heard a bird cry
You wanted me to try

Tell me what you see
I will try hard
I've tried to see you
Track Name: Window Seal
The window is open wide
I found them there side by side
I know I won't get this chance
again, to see all this land

I want to know how it feels
to be alone in this realm
I wanted view
You told me clues

I want to find out
Have lunch with you, without a doubt
My eyes go blind when i think
I think to hard, and you shrink